Where have we been?



So I felt I needed to post something before I started putting up new articles and classic material on the site. Paper Dragon Ink has been around for a while we started just as idea about starting my own comic book company, then an online magazine going to a handful of people and finally a full-fledged website covering all sorts of pop culture. All in all we have around for over 8 years (not sure if it’s a good sign or bad sign when you can’t remember exactly how long you have been doing something.)

After all that time thing are bound to get a little stale and the updates started to get a little more distant from each other. Then my father went into the hospital and I had time for nothing else. Then he was gone and I did not care about anything. But I still remembered how right before my Dad had gotten injured that he had still been alive and vivacious at almost 80 telling stories and being a great example to people I thought about the time sitting next to his bed, thinking he still had stories to tell after all that time and here I was half his age not having accomplished anything.

It took a while, probably longer then I should have given myself, but I came back to the site to start anew with a simple goal I would see something of mine that I could count as being published in the next three years and I would do everything I could to help others along the road with news, reviews inspiration and way to improve people’s creations. Then the latest bad news hit while I was away the site got hacked /corrupted and is now a blank slate. Well I figure that might be a great way to start anyway so here we go. I want to put out a word of apology to begin with, there are still days when working up the motivation to do anything creative is a lot of effort but I hope you stick around to see where we end up, I promise to do my best to create something memorable and to provide as much support to the creative community as I can.

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