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C. N. Cheeks, AKA Carina Nichole Cheeks


Vahudrick (I) The Blood Gift, The Blood Evolution


My series can be placed in several Genres such as Fiction Romance, Fiction Fantasy, Science Fiction, Fiction Suspense, General Fiction, Paranormal Romance, and Underworld Stories.

Home Town:

I was born in Aurora Colorado, but I live currently in Capitol Heights Maryland. My family and I traveled across the world while my father served in the US Air Force, to such places as Germany, Mississippi, Texas Greece, Italy, and France.

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Past Material: My past manuscripts up until this point, a total of five novels had only been for self-meditation. I have written the first three novels of this series so far, so all together I have written eight novels all over 420 pages. Current Project: My current project that I am working on now, is the second novel of the at least 15 book series Titled Vahudrick (II) The Blood Relative. Other than Science Fiction, I am also thinking of writing my own autobiography, as well as a Teen book about being bullied and the after effects. I am a product of severe bullying, past and present.

Places where books are available for purchases:

My books are available as paperbacks or e-books at the following locations… Each link will take you directly to my personal book listing.


Interview Questions


How did you get your start in writing?

Being disabled and staying home 24/7, one gets a lot of time to think. I had questions that went unanswered in the books and movies that I have read and seen so far, so I began to compose my own answers. I began to talk about the subject of my book so much that I decided to put it down on paper. The words flowed so fast and easy, that before I knew it I had written the initial three novels of my series. I talked to my sister Antionette Jarmon so much about the series, how I wanted it to be available for the world, and how I knew it’s going to be a hit, that she put up the funds for my first novel to be published, the first of many to come.


Who are your biggest influences?

My greatest influences in my writing are Charlaine Harris author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels that the hit series True Blood is based off of, J. K Rowling author of the Harry Potter Series, and Zane author of urban romance novels. My biggest influences in life are my mother Paula, my sister Antionette, and My Grandmother Thelma. I cannot forget to mention my friend Antionette Washington, who I bounced ideas off of all the time, and who helped me design the cover of my book.


What is your biggest inspiration when creating?

When I create my characters, my situations, and my endings, they come from a personal longing. I have always wanted to have the power to make a difference in my life and to the world, but because of my situation all I can do is sit and pray. My main character Carina Majealo, Queen of the new Vahudrick Natural (Supernatural) Bloodline gets that opportunity and gets her dream for a family at the same time. When she figures out her purpose in life, the Underworld is in for some big changes.


Could you give us the details of your current project?

My next and current project is called Vahudrick (II) The Blood Relative, the sequel to Vahudrick (I) The Blood Gift. In this series, my main characters the Vahudrian’s begin to adjust to their new roles on the world but begin receiving attacks from other Natural (Supernatural) Bloodlines. As secrets begin to come out about the Dragon Bloodline, my characters are faced with an unexpected enemy. To protect the unborn lives of the Vahudrick Bloodline they must retreat underground. This unknown enemy is also a mystery to the underworld much like the Vahudrian’s, so the Vahudrian’s and the Dragons are unaware if he can be defeated. The Queen of the Vahudrian’s learns brand new discoveries about her species that make her doubt her ability to do what is needed for the good of the Bloodline.


What is the next goal you would like to achieve with your writing?

My next goal in writing that I am going to achieve is completing my first movie script based off of the initial five books of my Vahudrick Series, told by my character’s grandmothers’ point of view, the Queen of all magical creatures.


Final four (questions we ask all interviewees)


When the zombies take over the world where will you be?

When Zombies try to take over the world, I will be there front and center fighting the good fight in the name of the father God, the son, and the Holy Spirit. If the fight is good against evil, good will always win out.

Jedi, Ninja, vampire, were-wolf, pirate, fairy or Spartan?

I will be none of the above. I will be a new Supernatural Bloodline called Vahudrick, spawned from the combination of three bloodlines, the descendant of the first magical creatures called Dragons. We will learn the lessons from the mistakes of the past concerning all living creatures and our precious Earth, but we will not take them into the future. We will have the strengths of all but the weaknesses of none, and there will be a new, positive world order.


What one piece of art, be it music, book, film or picture, do you think people must experience before they die?

The one piece of art that I believe no one should live without is a movie called the Green Mile. That movie touched me to my soul. It made me think, what if God has sent us gifted people like that, and they were destroyed because they were misunderstood. In my book, I stress that just because something is different, does not mean that it is wrong, evil, or against God. The Green Mile also made me think about what would happen if we were to receive such a gifted man on Earth today. How we would treat him? We can’t even stop judging and ridiculing the humans that are already here.

Give one fact that most people would not believe about you?

I could not pick just one fact that I wanted to share, so I am listing the top three. The main male Character of my book series is named Kopono Majealo (Ma- Ha A low), and I named my dog after him. For the past 21 years I have played the flute and the piccolo. I would love to be a female body builder.




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