Apr 152012
The cover to "Instrinsic #1"

The cover to "Instrinsic #1"

1.) How did you come to the conclusion of having an Arcana companywide

A company wide crossover is something I have been wanting to do for
several years and everything lined up perfectly over the last year to
make it happen. Really, Arcana has such a huge number of characters,
the possibilities for interaction between them are infinite. The first
couple pages should really be an eye opener for people and this
storyline is something we are very passionate about.

2.) What specific characters did you choose? Why?

The characters pretty much picked themselves in our minds… Kade is
where Arcana began several years ago, so he had to be included to show
just how far the character has come since his inception. Candice Crow
and Philosopher Rex represent the breadth of characters Arcana has –
Candice is the flawed superhero, super-confident in costume and
extremely uncertain out of it. Philosopher Rex’s main character,
Ishmael Stone, is the other side of the spectrum, a super-confident
modern day wizard, delving into the darker side of the Arcanaverse.
Kore represents some of what we’ve done along the way – in this case
acquiring a number of spectacular characters from the Devil’s Due
universe. The other main characters are ones who were created through
the evolution of the storyline, unique in their own way and each could
easily stand on their own. From a character standpoint, each has a
different perspective and history they bring to the table, creating an
imperfect dynamic among characters who need to learn to work together.

3.) What is the threat to the heroes?

The end of all things! Kade’s biggest nemesis, Apollyon, is set on a
particular goal, which leads him to tear through the fabric of
multiple realities. Nothing good can come of that! He has an army
behind him and it is up to the assembled Intrinsic team to find him
and defeat him.

4.) Why do choose to burst the reader into the action? How does that
lead the reader in?

We started Intrinsic out with a bang, showing countless heroes getting
their collective rears handed to them by Apollyon and his army. It
helps give perspective to what’s at stake… Stop him or everything
you care about goes away.

5.) Why do choose to bring the reader in through Stone’s perspective?

Ishmael Stone is a powerful character because of his offensive magical
capabilities, but also because he gets glimpses of what may be… He
is the center of the team, someone who helps to bring the team
together, and strong enough to keep any single member of the team in

6.) How did you decide on calling it “The Intrinsic?”

We wanted a noun…originally called the Ministry, we did a last
second change as all of these characters have an intrinsic value.

7.) What character have you been most fond of thus far?

Kore has been pretty fun to play with simply because he is originally
from another publisher and you want to make sure you really pay
respect to the creators who came before, even down to the lettering
style. Really, all of them have been great for the same reason –
bringing creations from other people’s minds into a story together and
letting them play around in a new storyline and interacting with
characters they never would have otherwise.

8.) How is the co-writing work out between yourself and the other
writers (Casey Jones and Erik Hendrix)?

Working with any team has its own dynamic. I came up with the original
idea and threw it out there. Between the three of us, we came up with
this great storyline and the direction it needed to take. Casey and
Erik each brought their own brand of creativity to the table, mixing
perfectly with mine. Casey is a dreamer, while Erik is a mad scientist
creator mixed with a very detail oriented world-building skill-set.

9.) What’s coming up for the comic? Anything you can share?

A cross-dimensional, high-action thrill ride with the entirety of
reality at stake. We’ll meet characters from other books, see people
die, and others become heroes along the way.

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