May 022012

This week I reviewed two wonderful comics from Image.
The first one was Bloodstrike 27.
The cover is pretty good and the story is solid. I’m not an avid reader of Image books, mainly because in the past they haven’t put out anything that tickled my fancy. This is a Leifeld creation, which is sad because he wasn’t really involved in the book. The story was pretty solid for an ongoing. I was kind of lost not knowing what went on, but it was well written. I liked that the front told you who/what the characters are/ what they can do.

Avengelyne 08 was pretty solid too. The cover was by Leifeild.

The story was very well written and this one did have a “Story so far” section, so I wasn’t completely out of the loop. The art in places is kind of spotty though. The art work, while good wasn’t doing it for me. Over all it was a solid book.

I would say if you’re a fan of the established series, go for it, otherwise I would say buy an issue and judge for yourself.

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