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Q) Can you give us an overview of Gaia’s Revolt?

In a matter of hours – not years, months, or even days – the earth’s crust radically shifted, leaving barely an eighth of her former population left to pick up the pieces of their former world. Utilities and food supplies were crippled, long distance communication non-existent, and disease and starvation threatened humanity’s very existence.

Amid all this anarchy, one woman searches for the family she knows is out there and finds a world torn between fear and hope. Jezzelle Kyle, a thirty-something scenic artist and free spirit, was so busy preparing for the cataclysmic shift she knew was coming that she never had time to live. Now, as she struggles for her own and humanity’s very survival, she finally learns what living really

But humanity and society have changed as dramatically as the earth herself. Abilities once considered extra-sensory are becoming common place, although no better understood than before. Factions determined to revert society back to the Stone Age are battling for control over the future of society and the earth. Unless Jezzelle can find a way to stop it, a new era of Holy Wars will
lead to humanity’s extinction.

Q) What inspired you to write the story?

I’ve always been interested “new age” writings and extrasensory abilities, which led me to read various psychics predictions about an impending earth change. To calm my own fears about the possibility of such a change and to battle the post traumatic stress of a serious car accident I had been in, I started telling myself a “bedtime” story based on such an event. When I shared this story with my cousin, an avid sci-fi reader, she convinced me that it was a story worth telling and that I should write it down. That was
over 10 years ago.

So, although I technically worked on Gaia’s Revolt for ten years, it was more like the first 8 1/2 years were an outlining process and the true writing was done over the final year and a half, after I began pursuing the artistic side of myself and surrounding myself with wonderful artistic people. It’s amazing how the soul absorbs energy from those around it and the effect that has on
your life, both good and bad, depending on the types you are absorbing from. My friends are such spectacular souls and artists and I fed from their energy much like a plant feeds off the sunlight, so I’d like to thank them for their contribution to Gaia’s Revolt because they are as much a part of the book as I am.

Q) What authors do you read to learn from?

My favorite author is Anne McCaffrey and I have been told that my writing style is very similar to hers. I’m not sure whether reading her influenced my writing style or whether I like reading her works because it is similar to my style. I’m afraid that is one of those “chicken and egg” questions that can never be truly answered. However, I do find that the writing comes easier to me
after I have read one of her books. For me, reading is an excellent warm-up for writing similar to the way a runner stretches before going out for a jog.

Q) You also drew the cover for your new book, which form of creative expression do you enjoy more?

That is an impossible question for me to answer because I find both equally stimulating. For me it is a question of what my creative energy is directing me to do at that moment. Whether I write, paint, or sculp, my creative energies
are in full swing and I am invirgorated as I see the concept in my mind come into shape in the physical world. When I write, I almost get a physical sense of the words flowing and will continue to tweek and edit until I can feel them
flow smoothly. When it’s a more three deminsional art, I keep painting, scetching, etc. until the image flows smoothly.

Q) What are the best and worst parts of self publication so far?

The ability to control and take credit for the final product are by far the best parts of self publication. I take great pride in being able to say that I personally nutured the physical book you see from a concept in my dreams.

The worst part of self publication is in the distribution of the book. There is much about the publishing industry in the US that is designed to create hurdles specifically for the self publisher.

Q) Where would you like to see Gaia’s Revolt in five years?

In five years I see Gaia’s Revolt in wide distribution and in negotiations for a movie!

Q)Are there any plans for a sequel?

Yes, I plan on this being a series similar to the way Anne McCaffrey has her Dragonrider series. The second book will take place a few years after the end of the first book. After that I think I may jump ahead a couple hundred years, and from there, who knows.

Q) If people want more info or to pick up a copy of the book where can they go?

Gaia’s Revolt may be purchased online from my website or from It is also available in Orlando,  FL at the Urban Think! bookstore and can be special ordered at any bookstore by referencing the ISBN number

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