Sep 062012

Review of the speed of sound by the Como Brothers

Whenever I write a review I always try to balance things out even if I like a band I try to find something to be critical of and when I dislike a band I try to find something redemptive (some bands I have had to go so far as to choose their choice of Fonts on the CD cover but I digress) and now I have a problem with the Como Brothers EP the Speed of Sound in that I have no issues to bring up. They are a fun funk infused pop group that is light but with meaning especially with a track like I don’t like you, about a relationship with a person who doesn’t support their partner.  My other personal favorite  Can I be Matched with you (which was recently included in MTV”s the real world), which showcases that moment at the beginning of love when you are hopeful but have no idea where things will be going.

I guess the best thing I can say about the band is that the  album got moved from my review pile into my stack of music I  listen to on a regular basis and after a couple listens you will probably latch on to them too.


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