Oct 282012


So I after listening to Antoinette Michael Thornes’  CD, Issues,   a couple of times I had to do a little checking on her. The album was obviously a love letter to the hard rock bands of times past  with a feeling like a great combination of Blondie and Led Zeppelin and it turns out her dad was a professional rock guitarist but then I also discovered a little behind the title of the album. Antoinette was in an accident and had her larynx crushed and it took her five years and a score of doctors to get back to the point of being able to sing.  This obviously affected her writing and the all the lyrics on the CD are full of raw emotion and honesty.   The songs are great from the rock showcase of Fortune’s fool (with a nod to Shakespeare in the title) to the blistering guitars and vocals on Detroit Hustle.   Though I have to admit my favorite item on the CD is when she switches gears and goes for a more blues Jazz feel on When its Raining.

The whole album is really good and its one of those rare items that have a lot going on beneath the surface and  just gets better and better the more you listen.

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