Oct 282012


It seems that many things in life today are just getting more and more complicated and so it is a rare joy to find a simple treat like Roxie Randle’s new release Little Victory.  Now when I say simple I don’t mean that as insult I mean it as a distilling of music down to its roots – a great hook, compelling melody and great lyrics that you find yourself singing along with after just one or two listens.  A great example is You don’t know a thing about love  which contains one of my favorite lyrics on the record. “This is not a battlefield, this is your home baby if you trust me I can show you”.

The next track that caught my attention and did not let go was October Rain, a slow haunting ode to a lover  filled with so much desire and longing that it is almost palpable.  The songs feel like its filling an empty house with promises of things to come  like a field needing to be  fed with the titular October Rain. Then when you feel that Roxie is all seriousness we get Learning to fly a lighthearted take on the ups and downs of life that gets you toe tapping and head moving with the beat.

This is a great introduction to an artist with  great talent for song crafting and a great voice that brings it all with every song. Find it, check it out and spread the word to your friends.

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