Mar 032012

TORONTO, CANADA – February 24 2012

Untold Entertainment Inc. today announces its upcoming game Spellirium, a unique graphic adventure / word puzzle mash-up in the spirit of Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords and Bookworm Adventures. Equal parts LOOM and Boggle, Spellirium takes players to a post-apocalyptic world called The Land, where present-day civilization has been buried beneath a mile of earth, and reading and writing have been outlawed.  Enter Todd, an initiate in the secret society of the Runekeepers, who assembles a motley crew of companions to investigate the death of his monastic brother. Todd’s journey unfolds across a pastoral countryside, dotted with salvaged wreckage from “the Once”, giving the game an eye-popping “trashpunk” aesthetic.

Spellirium cleverly leverages a fun grid-based word puzzle game mechanic against story-based puzzles for ever-changing, always challenging gameplay. To shear a sheep, spell words like CUT, TRIM, SHEAR and CLIP.  To defeat a green foe, spell words using only green tiles.  Spell words in different directions to move a character through a maze.  All of the words the player spells are stored in an interactive Dictionary, making for a Pokémon- like list of 50000 collectibles!  Words can be used as currency to buy items, which can then be crafted to make power-ups.

Spellirium will be available as a downloadable title for PC and Mac. Partially-funded by the Ontario Media Development Corporation, Spellirium is currently in alpha testing and is slated for a 2012 release.  To learn more about Spellirium, follow @spellirium on Twitter, Like the game on Facebook at, or visit the official website and Designer Diary at

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