Apr 162012

NuOxygen will release Monster of Puppets by the end of April 2012

Bologna, Italy April 16th, 2012

Monster of Puppets :
to be released for iOS & Android by the end of April.

NuOxygen, leader publisher and developer of video games for mobile, announces the forthcoming publication of Monster of Puppets an Action/Arcade, game, which stands among the best tap and slash games ever made.

NuOxygen decided to publish the new game of Drakkar Dev development studios, because of the high quality graphics and gameplay that combines the best features for this type of game.

Monster of Puppets will be available for Android and iOS by the end of April 2012.

A story that will not go unnoticed:
Founded in June 2011 NuOxygen has become a leader in the field of high quality video games for graphics, technical implementation and video games creation tools.
First Italian company to get the prize of “Apple Game of The Week” with their first game for iPhone OS, “Monster Trouble HD” and considerable success with Ikaro Racing HD, both on iOS and Mac.

Monster of Puppets is the next challenge, the evolution of tap & slash games, with stunning graphics and gameplay features.

We invite you to join NuOxygen Game Publishing to discover the latest news in terms of new high quality games.

Ready for the Monster of Puppets story ..?

  • The puppets of the playground came to life because of an alien force that compels them to fight against humanity
  • The story is simple, use your fingers to slash, tap & shoot
  • Use your skills with different weapons that you acquire during the game
  • Use energy beams to defeat the monstrous puppets
  • Monster of Puppets has reached the highest level for arcade / strategy games of its kind.
  • Monster of Puppets needs little explanation
  • Monster of Puppets puts together all the best of slashing and pointer games, all combined with superb graphics and considered by many the new mobile blockbuster
  • A very cool game that can’t miss in your collection

While Monster of Puppets is standing out among other slashing games, remember that
Fruit does not fight Back…. 


  • Lovely Opponents: cute and expressive 3D characters will make you smile
  • Fun for Everyone: simple and well known game mechanics allow everyone to have fun from the very first levels
  • Stunning Arsenal: a wide expandable set of weapons and abilities will help in your mission.
  • Updates: Frequent updates will add new contents and challenges
  • Social Features: Share and compare your results with friends
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