Nov 222011

Teen Wolf # 3 of 3, written by David Tischman and art by Stephen Mooney,was a book that I’d have to say I would buy if I was into the werewolf market.  It doesn’t remind me at all of the old Teen Wolf movie with Michael J. Fox, even though they both take place during the character’s high school years.  The comedy movie had its time and it was funny.  The book based off the MTV series went for more “Twilight” fans I feel.

I liked how the story went with the mood of the art.  Tischman wrote a nice blend of mood although it took me a minute to realize who the narrator was, much less what he was talking about.  Mooney’s art was spot on in a cold and moody atmosphere.   I haven’t watched the show, but I can see how the book could actually draw people into the series.  The only gripe I have is that since it was the last book of the series, I just didn’t know who most of the characters were in the story.  Still, it didn’t take me out of the drama, and it was nice to see the guy get the girl, for once.

I’d have to recommend this book as a BUY, for a good blend of story and art.  Happy reading everyone.

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